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Desire The Struggle, Not The Shine

Model Winnie Harlow and friends on IG

Most of us find it in our daily practice to scroll on Instagram, Facebook and/or Pinterest for entertainment, inspiration and motivation. While doing so, it's important that we don't get discouraged in our own journey as we view the highlights of others.

In order to get to our goals we must chase the struggle, pain, frustration and sleepless nights to get to the pretty moments. You'll almost never find those points on any of the social media I've mentioned but that's why you have me!

For example, it takes months and 100s of emails and follow ups to land the right stylist to pull your collection for their talent. Then you have to have invested in For-Market inventory to send product to the stylists

as well as shipping costs. Finally, you have to bet on the talent being photographed in your design, the image being ideal to showcase your item, them or their team posting the image or it getting picked up by media and tagging your company.

Most of your single moment of success is precursor by months of diligence. You have to sweat to shine.

Watch my IGTV video here, where I explore this concept and mentality and how i've personally handled it!:

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