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You Can Really Change The World

Imagine that the whole world is out of alignment because YOU won’t pursue the dreams in your heart.

What a concept, huh? Yes, you are that important. No, your dreams are not just your own. Your dreams are part of your purpose. Your true purpose is grounded in global significance and influence for the betterment of a people or cause.

Whether it's making ordering-in easier or supplying school girls with feminine products so that they don't miss school during their cycle, your idea could change the world in whatever capacity it is meant to. But first you must believe in it. You must plan for it. And you must act on it. And keep working on it consistently until it comes to fruition. And after that further develop and scale it.

I hope this resonates with you if you feel unmotivated and unsure of following your dreams. Seize your passion! It’s bigger than you. It’s about the lives you’ll touch and the change you’ll affect.

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