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Make That Call

You ever have a passing thought to call someone just to say hi or to say something positive and then decide against it?

What stopped you? Probably no good reason to do something so positive except you couldn't bother.

I don't want to make it as black and white a God and the Devil but it really is a matter of light and darkness. There is God's energy, influence and spirit over you, willing you to reach out or to bless someone with kind words. But so often we let laziness take it's place. The urge to reach out is replaced with "ugh I can't bother" Or "I'm sure they're fine."

Let's appreciate these moments that we're inspired to be light in someone's life.

Just today, I was moved to call an old friend. It was a 23 min conversation that sprung up so much emotion and connection. It helps that she's a spiritual person and we've always connected so much. But I still didn't expect the tears of relief and appreciation for being understood about a business mistake story I told her about (that's another post). Reconnecting and hearing about her growth was all so...nourishing for my spirit and mind. I didn't expect all of that at all. I "thought" I was just calling to say a quick hi. But God had other plans for us.

If you're quiet, you'll hear direction straight from God and the spirits guiding you through this thing called life. Even if the voice just says to make a call.

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