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Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 8 easy steps

Anxiety is real and happens to everyone. It's so important to not make that an issue. It's like wanting an award for having a cold.

Worry, self doubt and anxiety can be combated with consistent practice of these 8 tips:

1. Gratitude Journal

Take the time to write down every thing that you are grateful for: from the minuscule, like the pen in your hand to write or grand like the roof over your head. If you focus on this very moment, you will realize that there is nothing wrong. You have everything you need in this immediate moment. The past is done. It's futile to worry on the future. The present is perfect.

2. Positive Affirmations

In a fast world, you can't wait for people to speak life into you. It's your responsibility to do this for yourself. I personally have alarms set on my phone that go off every hour with a new affirmation written in the detail. When the alarm goes off I say the affirmation to myself. Like: "I am beautiful" or "What I want is already on the way."

3. Meditation

Mediation. Prayer. Whatever you choose to call it, take the time to sit with yourself in quiet with God. Talk to Him about your worries and ask for the strength to face them. I like to thank Him for blessing me that way that He has and ask Him to continue bless me with people, opportunity and resources to walk in my purpose.

4. Look Your BEST

Putting on some makeup to run errands may seem ridiculous to some or a waste of time. For me, going out into the world, polished and presentable signals to the Universe that I am ready for great experiences. A last minute call to an event or a meeting...a run in with someone I've been dying to meet? I'll be ready!

5. Self Care

Taking the time out, without guilt or haste to get to the next thing, to do something for yourself will make you feel an expansion in time. And because time is money and you've spent it on yourself, you will feel a sense of worth. You deserve to take some time out for a face mask, a smoothie and some tv or reading. You deserve the time in the gym. You deserve the trip. You deserve the pedicure. Invest in yourself.

6. Realistic daydreams

Dream dreams about the life you want. The write them down. Put them on a vision board. Create to-do lists everyday that inch toward the achievement of them. When you live a life with purpose anxiety about your journey will melt away amongst the fire you've lit toward pursuit of your goals.

7. Listen To Your Favorite Music and Sing!

Lift Every Voice! Sing from your heart and loud! Whether it makes you crack up laughing or let out a cry, the release of emotion of of your heart is liberating. But you can only get to it if you make that effort to!

8. Do Something For Someone

It's not all about you! We ca get so caught up in the worry that we dream up about our life that we forget that this world is soon much bigger than what ever issue, no matter how big! Find away that you can do or say to someone. Anything, no matter how small that will make them smile. That joy will set joy off in you as well and remind you of your importance in this world.

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