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The one thing you need to do to affect change in your life

Clarity for the life you want for yourself is paramount is living with purpose.

Without direction, you are living day to day, which is far worse than paycheck to paycheck!

A life without direction is just about survival. Getting through today. No plans for tomorrow until tomorrow presents itself with whatever blessings or obstacles lie ahead.

But imagine opportunities coming your way and without a plan, they don't even look like opportunities to you. You don't know how to maximize on them because you have no purpose in your life beyond making it through the workday or school day.

When you shape out a goal for your life, you can identify pockets of opportunity, resources in people and knowledge that compliment your life's purpose that you have created.

I always say that God will create the path for you to walk along and He will also introduce signs and exits that lead to better roads but you must get the ball rolling. You have to get in the car with a destination in mind. Where are you going?

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